scum city

Back in May, I spent a lot of time making this Portlandesque cityscape installation out of cardboard and electrical tape. A little over 5 months later, it was time for it to come down. Check out this animation that myself and my good friend (HB staff photographer) Robb Perry created in a couple days. Enjoy.


Sorry for the late notice

Four floors of mayhem,
a collaborative installation from the depths of hell,
costume contest,
and more.

Saturday, October 30th

after party will be upstairs, we just have to close down the shop because our upstairs neighbors dislike us.

hope to see you there.


custom adidas century vulc (scum tops)

My friend hooked me up with a blank white pair of sample Adidas Century Vulcs, I masked them off, painted them teal, and gave them some extra scumdays flair. Enjoy! (http://www.scumdays.blogspot.com)


SUBLIMITY SNOW & SKATE 11th anniversary deck

The folks at Sublimity Snow & Skate (12404 SW Broadway St. Beaverton, OR. 97005) were kind enough to allow me to design the graphic for their 11th anniversary deck. Pick one up today good wood at a good price. Support independent local skateshops!



My Gene and David are hanging out at The Ash Street Saloon, Portland, Oregon. If you have a chance stop by and check them out, as well as a great happy hour. I also design all of their t-shirts, so if you really want to support local business and artists you could buy some gear.

225 Southwest Ash Street
Portland, OR 97204-2708


Come celebrate the launch of Hasbeen Design's Summer 2010 line
Hobo Hieroglyphics: A collaborative art installation celebrating and exploring the medium of tape and cardboard.

Friday May 21st 2010
Hasbeen Design Company
521 NE Couch Street
Portland, OR 97232

*21 and older refreshments provided
After party TBD



scumdays and scumnights

http://www.scumdays.blogspot.com 100% mediocre skateboarding


Los Vagabundos

My good friends Brian and Kurt Hester of Vagabond Skateboards know how to play music, I don't, together we are Los Vagabundos. Look out for us performing in a gas station near you.


Special thanks to everyone who made a postcard and thanks to all those who showed up for the opening reception. It was a blast as usual, we hope to see you all again next time we have a show (which will be soon enough, keep posted). Here are some pictures of the post cards, enjoy!



I sat down yesterday and ended up making 14 postcards. Once you start they keep on flying out like cucumbers out of a salad shooter. We hope to see you all at the show on Feb 12th. For more info see below. or go to http://www.hasbeendesign.com



Hasbeen Design Company proudly presents "POST-MARK" a collaborative installation of handmade postcards, from a collection of artists. We hope to see you all there at the opening reception on Friday Febuary 12th (6PM-9PM). Refreshments will be available, after party TBD.



I've been spending a lot of my time thinking of obstacles to jump, slide, and hurt myself on. Hopefully some of these pipe dreams will be made into reality in the near future. We made the mini funbox/curb/ledge this past weekend. Keep your eyes out for it in action in Scumdays 8.