So I spent a lot of time and effort drawing a mural for the hall of horrors. All in all I clocked in about 20+ hours behind the pen, and ended up with symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome. In the end all the hard work was well worth it, and could of never been done without the help of friends. Thanks to Caitlin McCall, Rachel Wright, and Robb Perry for contributing to the mural. I would also like to thank everyone else who helped out with the hall of horrors; Seth Beckman for making props and the diet jungle juice, Jacob Schmitt for providing the original musical score, Carin Berg for coming up big with some big time props, Justin Lauer for doing lighting and effects and last but not least everyone who came out dressed up to check out the Hall of Horrors, it could of never happened without any of you. We are looking forward to next year, it may seem like a while but it'll be around sooner than you know it.

vampire lady by Rachel Wright

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  1. oh man!!! that looks amazing. I can't believe i missed out on Hasbeen's first halloween party. GRRR... your mural rocks the casbah. Your too cool.

    miss you,