some more lurkage....

Once again this has nothing to do with my art, but I came across this photo on the Fourstar Clothing website (www.fourstarclothing.com). So Garret and I are still lurking above Burnside in awe as Tony "TNT" Trujillo no complied tailslid revert on the big wall. If you could zoom in on my face you could see that I am about to poop my pants, because this trick is no joke. Just dropping in on this thing is sketchy, if you're not careful it will salad shoot you off the twinkie and leave you in shambles. He isn't in this picture, but John Cardiel was also lurking from the top deck with us, and told us tales of the infamous taildrop into the park in one of the most iconic Vans Off The Wall ads of the 90's, hands down one of the gnarliest tricks that has ever gone down at the park. If you don't know what I am talking about you better start doing some research and get your skate education on.

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